Put Your Laptop Away, Feel the Distinction

It’s been a while I haven’t spending quality weekend. One of challenges to be an urban citizen is you habe to work on Saturday sometimes. But, I decide to release all busy time, starting with put my laptop far away.

I always think that I could not be separated with my laptop. It’s not an expensive one, nor an iPad, neither Mac. It’s just an HP mini-note, equipped with a built in SIM Card slot. By using a broadband supported card, I am connected almost 24/7. And I am closing to be an IT freak.

There’s something missing if I don’t bring my notebook. Reading online news and updates, administering two websites, managing two blogs, responding comments, composing and replying email, and etc have been my leisure time. And it seems so usual.

But in last two days, I release my self from internet. The feels almost distinct. Untill I realize that I still have a Blackberry in hand…***

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