Politician Pictures Penetrated Cyberspaces

For the last two days, my colleagues and I participated in assessing the quality of local government’s websites in South Sulawesi.  The program is part of core activity of “Partnership for Public Service”, an network of four institutions in South Sulawesi, which focus to promote the enhancement of public service provided by local government agencies.

I am interesting in developing website just as an amateur, such kind of hobby only.  And I am not a specialist in public service.  But, for the last five months, my friends and I have been involved in evaluating the technical quality of local government websites and also try to find out the quality of websites in delivering public service as a core function.

After exploring the whole 20 websites of local government (cities and municipalities) in South Sulawesi, I am wondering with the typical appearance of the frontpage of every LG’s website:  there’s always the photos of head of government (Bupati or Walikota as well) on it.

I am wondering, why should the pictures put in frontpage, while user (the visitor) usually don’t care about it.  Most people visit the LG’s website to obtain information about many aspects of public service, which is mandated to be provided by local government.  The funny things is, not all information needed by user appear on the website. But the pictures (with big smiles) always there.

It seems like the habit to put pictures of our politician in public spaces (like in billboard) has penetrated into cyberspaces.  Is there any space that we can see clearly without disturb from politician hippocratic smiles?***