Morning Coffee from My Dearest Woman: Blended with Love

When I wake up every morning, my wife always prepare a cup of black coffee. She make it with no special technique or secret recipe. It’s really just coffee, made by someone to be served to another.

But, I always find that the taste of my wife’s coffee is definitely different. I will get the distinct especially when drinking a coffee from coffee shop or cafe.

My wife, Shanti Yani, is an extraordinary woman. We got merried in 2003, have a boy in 2005. She take care our home, dedicate her life to our family, just like another housewife.

In 2004, one year after marriage, she won the Brief Story Writing Contest in Makassar, published her second book, an anthology of poem, in 2006, and another anthology in 2009. She loves to write poems and poetry, non-fiction, and painting. In 2009, she joined the “Indonesia’s Urban Sketcher”, a network of art painter. In 2010, she became Makassar Regional Coordinator for Indonesia’s Sketcher.

She has been establishing and managing an internet blog ( to publish her works, by her self. She participated at Sanur Art Festival in 2009, and three art painting exhibitions in 2010 as well. Every Sunday, she arranges a gathering with her sketcher community in Makassar, for “Sketching on Location” weekly event. And there’re many more activities. (Oh, my God, I just realize that she has many activities).

Our 5 years old son, Zidan, always put in top priority. My wife will always choose Zidan when face to two choices. And, Zidan become the son of his parents, not the son of TV, teachers, or others. Beside that, my wife still washing clothes, dishes, and cooking. “I am a mother and a housewife”, Shanti said.

Yesterday, my wife called me. She informed that her blog just been listed in “50 Best Drawing Blog” by Guide to Art School ( There are only 5 blogs by Indonesian, and my wife’s blog is one of them. She is the only Indonesian women in the list. It’s really an amazing and incredible achievement for a housewife.

Today, when I wake up in the morning, I still get a cup of coffee, prepared just for me by my wife. And now I understand why my coffee’s taste so delicious. It is made by an extraordinary woman, blended with unlimited love. I just realize, I am not drinking a cup of coffee. I drink love, packed in coffee.***

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