My Blog’s Pagerank Has Just Increased

One of the idea of writing something in blog and share it is to be read.  It is not the main reason of blogging, but it will fruitful when we realize that what we wrote and shared have been read.

There many tools in internet to measure the popularity of website and blogs as well. The most well known tools are Google Pagerank and Alexa.  These two tools will detect the popularity of a web/blog, by analyze the visitor hit, links exchange, etc.

In order just to know the popularity level of my blog and website, I install a Mozilla Firefox add on called SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar.  So, I could simply know the popularity of every website which I visited.

Since I installed this add on, I always unintentionally (LOL) look at the indicator at the right-bottom of my Firefox to know the level of my blog when I visited.  You know, the Pagerank always pointed at “0” (zero), and the Alexa score indicate the sumber of 16 million so forth.  It means, I have the very, very bad level in blog popularity.

But, this morning, I was wondering to find out that my Pagerank has change to “1” (of 10 maximum). Wow, it’s amazing. Because I am not doing many techniques to make internet user find my blog.  The rank has motivated me to write more. At least, there’s somebody out there read my writing.***